Background & Inspiration


The central objective of Tyrolean spatial planning is to further develop the spatial structures of the province in such a way that they comply with the principle of sustainability. This is the only way to leave sufficient room for future generations to meet the changing requirements of the future. In this way, Tyrol can continue to be an attractive place to live and a successful economic region. The requirements and interests to be taken into account are manifold and partly also contradictory. Therefore, the future quality of life and location of Tyrol depends on the balanced fulfillment of economic, social and ecological criteria, taking into account the specific spatial conditions. Achieving and maintaining this balance requires a clear goal orientation, a high degree of coordination and future-oriented priority setting.


A source of inspiration for possible ideas from the field of tourism is the Mesnerhof C in Steinberg. The Mesnerhof is as an old, renewed co-working farm, as a space to work and live for tourists. You can find more information here: 

But don't be too influenced by this example, any idea is welcome.